Get the Facts About Adult Guardianship Laws

Get the Facts About Adult Guardianship Laws

From a dedicated family law attorney at Aaron Bushur Law in Reno and Northern, NV

From the first day of kindergarten to your first day of work, your loved one was always there to care for you. Now, as they start to age or become incapacitated, you can return the favor by obtaining legal guardianship. Aaron Bushur Law offers adult guardianship application services in the Reno and Northern, NV area. You can trust attorney Aaron Bushur to guide you through the process and help you become a guardian right away.

To learn more about guardianship laws in Reno and Northern, NV, contact Aaron Bushur Law today. Attorney Bushur will gladly answer your questions.

When should you set up an adult guardianship?

An adult guardianship might be right for you and your loved one in a variety of circumstances. Consider setting up an adult guardianship when your loved one:

  • Becomes incapacitated
  • Can no longer handle daily tasks without assistance
  • Needs help making financial and health care decisions
  • Needs someone to keep track of their estate
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