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When you're facing family law issues, you can't afford to wait until matters escalate. You need to make sure your family and your rights are protected at all times. Aaron Bushur Law understands the importance of receiving prompt, professional legal guidance when you need it. Whether you're dealing with the divorce process or other family law issues, you can trust family law attorney Aaron Bushur to be here for you and your family.

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Aaron Bushur Law is dedicated to providing exceptional family law services to clients in Reno and Northern, NV and beyond. You can count on attorney Aaron Bushur to take care of your family's legal needs. Here's why:

He's skilled:

Attorney Bushur has over ten years of experience practicing family law

He's local:

Attorney Bushur has served the Reno and Northern, NV community in a variety of legal positions, and he understands how local laws will impact your case

He's involved:

Attorney Bushur handles every aspect of your case himself, including research, meetings, court appearances and all client interactions personally

He's compassionate:

Attorney Bushur works hard to understand your situation and develop a close bond of trust with you